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Kayak tour through the Cuajiniquil mangrove

This is a tour with a local guide from the Association of Marine Tour Operators through the Cuajiniquil mangrove. Mangroves are important ecosystems in coastal areas and are populated by different species of fish and seabirds. Due to the quality of the water and the richness of the ecosystem, this tour will give you a sensory experience.

Santa Elena Bay Marine Management Area Excursion

This tour includes the Santa Elena Peninsula and Bay. It is the oldest land in Costa Rica. During the boat ride of approximately 30 minutes, you will enjoy beautiful landscapes and marine fauna.
Santa Elena Bay, which has an extension of 728 hectares, receives several marine species for reproductive purposes, including dolphins, whales, rays, turtles, and other oceanic species such as the endangered whale shark. Santa Elena Bay is an important natural resource of high biodiversity, and the surrounding communities are actively working to conserve it.
Snorkeling, a tour of the bay by boat, and a hike along a trail will take place at the site. A mid-morning snack will be served on the beach.

Junquillal Bay Beach

The Junquillal Bay Wildlife Refuge is a site created by the Guanacaste Conservation Area to conserve biodiversity and at the same time is a recreational, natural, and safe place where tourists can enjoy the beach with their families. This beach is the only one that offers basic services within the Coastal Tourism Corridor.
In the past, this refuge was inhabited by indigenous people who left evidence of their presence in the area. With a walk along the nature trail, you will have the chance to see different species of birds, some mammals, and trees characteristic of the dry forest. In the same place, you will find an archaeological site, known as the Conchero de Junquillal. Afterwards, you can enjoy the beach and the sunset.


There are great sites for snorkeling, including, Muñecos Island. This island is characterized by crystal clear waters and coral reefs.
In addition to the Santa Elena Marine Management Area where you will enjoy a moment of adventure through snorkeling, you will be able to observe the diversity of marine richness. Also, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches of Guanacaste for aboout an hour.
On the other hand, during the tour of the Bat Islands and snorkeling in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the area, you can also enjoy the views from a spectacular vantage point.

Sport Fishing

The tour will take place in Santa Elena Bay where the tourist will be able to enjoy the spectacular view of the bay and do sports fishing, having the opportunity to catch different species of fish such as jacks, dorados, roosters, mackerels, red snapper, sailfish, among others. The entire coast of Santa Cruz is one of the most diverse places to practice this adventure activity.

Scuba Diving

Diving in sites near Santa Elena and Punta Descartes is one of the most important attractions of the region. The diversity of corals and fish species represents an unforgettable experience. Come and discover it.

Bird Watching Tour in the Mangrove

Bird watching is abundant in the area, where birds are located in different habitats of the mangrove. Among these birds are the ocean birds, such as pelicans and frigates.
On Bolaños Island you can observe the nesting of various species of seabirds, such as pelicans, frigates, and cormorants. It is worth mentioning that it is the only island in the Central American Pacific where frigate birds’ nest.

Geological Tour

The Santa Elena Peninsula is an open book of stories. The first lands that emerged from the depths of ancient seas make this place a unique site, where exceptional geological formations can be observed. Formations with differentiated strata similar to a multi-layered cake, as well as rocks that come from more than 50 kilometers from the depths of the earth, are some of the peculiarities that can be found in one place. Download the "Santa Elena Geological Tour" application and explore with us.

Sunset Tour

Come and enjoy a tour that includes the Santa Elena Bay Marine Management Area, other beaches of the canton, and watch a unique and wonderful sunset. It is no coincidence that the canton is called "The cradle of the sun".

Artisan Fishing

A knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation, artisan fishing can only be experienced with local fishermen, a sustainable practice that is a source of income for many families. While enjoying the beautiful scenery, local stories, and the pleasure of catching a snapper that you could taste at dinner, you will have the pleasure of discovering this way of life. Come and enjoy the experience of artisan fishing with us.